An excellent know-how



In tune with the times, Lener Cordier has always been able to meet the needs of fashion thanks to its culture and convictions: rigour, technical know-how and creativity.

At Lener Cordier, the attachment to the product is as strong as customer satisfaction. The link between these objectives is a skilful balance between industrialisation and respect for the artisanal gesture, the guarantee of a know-how that does not sacrifice in any way the requirement of quality, the company's key word !


The requirement of quality

Lener Cordier occupies a very special place in the textile industry: The company has been able to build several high-tech manufacturing centres while preserving its values, where the worker is above all a seamstress and where everyone works in a respectful collaboration.

The Hazebrouck factory is emblematic of this state of mind. In the company's original building, all the trades are brought together. From design to distribution, more than 20 professions work daily to create unique sleeved pieces that are characteristic of Lener Cordier's know-how.


The creativity of our businesses

Shaping a coat at Lener Cordier means implementing with high standards and the competence of all the participants in the manufacturing chain "from design to sales.

"Long months of work, reflection and various adjustments have made it possible to create the models of which we are proud and which represent our commitment and respect for the company's own know-how.

We choose our fabrics, then our design teams design the models. Then, the first prototypes are made by our seamstresses in Hazebrouck, at the company's historic headquarters. These prototypes are then tried, tested, improved, enriched by careful and refined finishes. Between the time our stylists design the models and the time they are marketed, 6 months are needed to achieve the quality and excellence that are Lener Cordier's key words. Our work is our greatest pride!


Authenticity and rigour

What characterizes Lener Cordier is not only its know-how and specialization in sleeved garments, but also the authenticity and complicity of human relations, which are fundamental values of the company.

The group has always maintained the family spirit that has been the foundation of the house. These collaboration values are naturally supported by each employee and everyone is committed to working closely together with respect, generosity and a sense of transmission. This particular "ethic input", cultivated with conviction, makes each piece from the Lener Cordier workshops a piece that, beyond the work well done, is the testimony of this cohesion and this shared humanity. By choosing a Lener coat, you are adopting more than just a beautiful piece, you are embracing a state of mind.